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“My hair has got that white girl flow” …is that so…

I might as well tell you straight off the bat, that I started this random hair rant after watching two episodes of the Tyra show, on the topic ‘Good hair’.

I have watched the Chris Rock movie, and thought it was very good, however, it was the following webisodes, that actually put a lump in my throat. If you haven’t watched it, then you can look forward to girls proudly stating how their hair has that “white girl flow” which makes it superior to their other kinky counterparts. Last and but painfully not least, is the children at the end, some of which, prefer to wear blond wigs than go to school with their natural hair. There is also a woman who dated outside her race so that her children my have good hair.

All very interesting wouldn’t you say.

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London Vintage Festival

It was unfortunate I was unable to attend the Wayne Hemingway Vintage festival which came to the Southbank Centre in London, earlier this month. From all the reviews and great pictures, the festival brought style, crafts and some impressive dance moves to the capital. With stalls selling fashion, music and art from the 1920s onwards and a make-do-and-mend mentality, visitors browsed for bargains and wallowed in nostalgia. I would have loved to grab some vintage cat eye glasses…*sigh* maybe next year. Below are some pics courtesy ofΒ 


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