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EP of the month: SAIL OUT- Jhene Aiko


I’ll be honest after hearing all the hoopla about Jhene’s Sailing Souls mixtape, I did’nt find her debut worth the hype (maybe for that time), and found the songs didn’t possess the command to build enough momentum to actually ‘Sail’. However, her feature on Drake’s song ‘From Time’ got me curious. And needless to say I’m glad my curiosity did not kill this cat.

Jhene Aiko has been in the music scene for over a decade now and its still a surprise how she’s not a household name with the quality of music she has put out, and been a part of. But we know how the music industry can be (ask talents like Jojo, Dawn Richards etc).

Needless to say…this might be a new dawning for this bright songstress.


‘Sail Out’  is filled with airy, hip hop laden beats creating the ambience for lyrics about sex while being high and being in control of your situation during heartbreak. Her nonchalant vocals are smooth and literally effortless as if she “might have got way too high” as heard in the psychedelic mellow song WTH (Way Too High).

Produced majorly by Fistcuffs and overseen by No.ID (Jayz, Kanye west) the production on this EP is cosmologically blissful. I would imagine it’s the perfect soundtrack for your average stoner’s trip.  One wonders, what wonders are to be found on the upcoming album which No I.D himself is more hands on. As the producer of one of the outstanding tracks on the album “Comfort inn Ending (freestyle)”, we can only start counting down the days until the album drops.

Indeed features by Kendrick Lemar, Childish Gambino Vince Staples, give the EP a welcomed hip indie edge, but in saying that, it also has periods where it gets a bit flat and too ‘samey’; that it can be hard to distinguish between tracks. This from past trials can be one of the pitfalls of having one producer handle the production.

Released under Def Jam, this mixtape shows growth and a more rounded and established sound that shows an artist who is now ripe and ready to take over. And clearly this has been a welcomed return with Sail Out reaching number 8 on the Billboard Hot 200, making it the best debut for an EP in Def Jam’s history.

Here’s to hoping this is a manifestation of what’s to come.

Review by Dice: @simplyfly 

For “Bed Peace”, Jhené Aiko (accompanied by Childish Gambino) recreates the famous “Bed-In” protests from John Lennon and Yoko Ono which lasted for two weeks in Montreal and Amsterdam. The protests were modeled after Sit-Ins and were to show their lack of support for the war in Vietnam. However to keep things more current,  Jhené  discusses some of issues that have plagued her hometown  of Los Angeles such as the L.A. Riots and gang violence and the meaning behind the new EP.


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