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Ivory Coast, West Africa → Photography by Moustafa Cheaiteli @mcheaiteli

Photography by Moustafa Cheaiteli

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THE WRAP LIFE – African head wraps by Nnenna Stella @thewraplife01

This stunning image (left) has been floating around on Tumblr and Instagram, and I’ve been meaning to give light to the entire collection, and its creator. The photographs themselves were shot by New York photographer Dexter Ryan Jones, for Nnenna Stella, owner of the online store The Wrap Life.

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…The Future of Africa- portrait photography by Oliver Kruger

the future of Africa…

“Golden Youth” by Oliver Kruger.
Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

Through his ongoing series Golden Youth, Kruger documents new currents in Johannesburg’s youth culture. Artist Oliver Kruger finds his subjects in the urban metropolises of Johannesburg and uses portraiture to expand on the aesthetics and tradition of African studio photography.

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This week is South Africa Menswear #FashionWeek @samenswearweek #SAMW

This week is South Africa’s Menswear Fashion Week #SAMW, a collaboration between city of Cape Town and Cape Town Fashion Council, showcasing 24 of Africa’s leading designers for the country’s first ever Fashion Week dedicated exclusively to menswear.

The goal of #SAMW is to be the leading platform for innovation, trends, production whilst building credibility for the platform that will enable designers to grow their businesses.

SAMW is clearly modelled heavily on the world’s leading platform, London Collections: Men, #SAMW  will aim to eventually see leading SA designers showcase in London, both as a drive to build exports and bring awareness of these brands in South Africa.

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Everyday Africa, Koforidua

Photos from the capital of the Eastern Region of Ghana

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Rochelle Brock is FATLEOPARD #photography

Rochelle Brock is a 19 year old Life style & Fashion Photographer Currently Residing in brooklyn NYC. Creator and Owner of Fatleopard Photography

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Harar Ethiopia by Georges Courreges #photography #Ethiopia

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Shala Monroque #styleinspiration @shalamonroque

every essence of the word fierce…

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Anais Mali “City Under Wraps”, don’t you just love this editorial? Photography by Patrick Demarchelier

Anais Mali photographed by Patrick Demarchelier in for Glamour USA magazine’s June 2014 issue

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Trip to Uganda -Part Two- “On the road” April/14 #Uganda #Africa #Travel #Photography

There are special places on the earth that look as though they’re as mesmerising and virgin and the day God made them. Uganda, much like the people (relatively) has an inherent beauty that shines brightly, even through its no frills demeanor.

And before you judge me, I’m not saying that because I’m Ugandan ;-)

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Latest from Uganda: “On the road”- Part One- April/14

Last Monday I came back from a short spell in Uganda, my birthplace, my home and my heart.

The older I get the more frequently I’ve been going back, and with every visit is more precious than the last. With the majority of my family based in Kampala (the capital), and my ancestral village in Mbarara (South West). Most of my images are snaps between the two.


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House of Aama presents- Urban Nomad’14

House of Aama presents- Urban Nomad’14

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Josue Comoe – Numero Homme Spring 2014

Josue Comoe – Numero Homme Spring 2014. Jean Baptiste Mondino (Photographer)

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Giannina Antonette By fashion photographer Adam Reyna

Giannina Antonette By Adam Reyna,

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London- Individualism- Afropean

Location: London, Theme: Individualism, Style: Afropean

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“Not Charity… Just Work” Karen Walker meets the Maasai

“New Zealand designer Karen Walker works with lensman Derek Henderson to shoot her Spring 2013 collection. She didn’t just employ the talents of artisans in Kenya, she had them model the looks, too. Partnering with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, whose motto “Not Charity, Just Work” seeks to promote sustainable development over aid.

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Funky STAR Ataui Deng for Marie Claire (France), January 2014

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2014, a revolutionary year for the Pan-African collective

Things to give in 2014:

Creativity, Substance, Culture, Depth, Passion, Inspiration, Honesty, Hope, Satisfaction, Raw Truths,

A heart-felt welcome to my readers as you settle into a New Year. I trust the majority of you are sufficiently overweight from all your end-of-year indulgences, and excited for what will be a revolutionary year for the Pam-African collective.

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Jimena Nahon “Grace Jones Tribute” : Style Inspiration

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Phillip Plein Spring/Summer 2014: Style Inspiration


The Campaign: Phillip Plein Spring/Summer 2014

Photography by Francesco Carrozzini

Styling by Patti Wilson


PEG LEG TROUSERS: Style Inspiration

Peg leg trousers

Style Alien, NY:


Work a clean silhouette this season with the peg- leg trouser. As high-waist paperbag styles present a feminine take on the look, low slung belted trousers offer an androgynous approach. Channel a fresh, sporty vibe with track-pant-inspired styles in bold brights and statement prints.

Alicia Keys- Vogue Italia- Simply stunning


Tuuli by Dar: an artistic journey into the heart of the feminine


Tonight, I’m heading down to Rankin HQ, to get set my eyes upon Johny Dar’s special preview of ‘Tuuli by Dar’; a series of unique and beautiful images, inspired by the art series ‘DAR THE BOOK’, an artistic journey into the heart of the feminine.

I loathe my use of the word fan, but I am, admittedly, a huge fan of Hunger Magazine, and Rankin Photography, so needless to say, I’m eager to see the art that awaits me.

Last week I was invited to the series of short screenings by Rankin Film Production and The Full Service, showcasing six short films, one of which was The EXCHANGE, for Louis Vuitton, a coy and seductive tale of courtship, filmed at the Hotel Café Royal.  All six of the short films shown succeeded in their efforts to captivate and around curiosity. This is why I rate Rankin. They continue to push the boundaries of art, beauty and photography through creative collaborations, with a mixture of visionary designers.

‘Tuuli by Dar’ will be crafted into a limited edition calendar and created specifically with Tuuli in mind, weaving across her bare skin, exploring the beauty of the female form as Rankin’s lens beautifully captures Johny’s original artwork.

As of today, ‘Tuuli by DAR’ will be published by Rankin Photography and distributed by Turnaround Publisher Services, and available for viewing at ANNROY, Rankin’s London Gallery.

I’ll likely be ‘graming’ tonight, so if you don’t follow me already on instagram it’s @afroblush.

To find out more on ‘Johny Dar and his work, click here:

Solo installation by Yinka Ilori @yinksdesigns

photo (1)

Yinka Ilori
Product and furniture designer with the future in mind.
Yinka Ilori up-cycles and re-works old, unloved furniture to produce brand new interpretations. Challenging perceptions of waste through the regeneration and revitalisation of every-day furniture, where every piece deserves the chance to be loved again.

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Style Inspiration #322- Burkina Faso and Mali


Actors from Burkina Faso and Mali perform a scene from the play Et Si Je Les Tuais Tous Madame? in Avignon during the 67th International Theatre festival. Burkina Faso’s Aristide Tarnagda wrote and directed the play.



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