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Karl Largerfield “…a moment that’s gone forever” #BlackWhiteDiary #Photography

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

― Karl Lagerfeld



Photo taken by/ Louisa K/ 09/05/13

#BlackWhiteDiary… An introduction


“Compared to colorful designs where catchy colors help the design to stand out, in black-and-white designs the ability to stand out depends only on its ability to communicate rather than on its appealing visual presentation.”

Smashing Magazine

Throughout July I will be running a Black and White photo diary . I like to live by the philosophy that less is more; and the beautiful thing about black and white images is that often my taking away colour, you often give more to the reader. There is something so in depth about desaturating an image. You can check out all the images from my Black+White diary this month by following the hashtag #blackwhitediary on Instagram, Twitter and by clicking in the menu butt

on at the top of the page.

I thought I would start of by sharing some of my recent inspirations…


Unfortunately, the photographer is unknown. The photo seems to be taken at exact the right moment from exactly the right angle with a perfect lighting. Black and white can be powerful as well.

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“If you’re curious, London’s an amazing place” David Bailey #photography #London

Photo taken 
Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London




Mariane Calazan, Style Inspiration #319


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Late evenings and early mornings #springtime #London #Photography



Taken 04.04.13

Rathbone Place, London

Diesel+EDUN-A global loudspeaker for a new African economic + creative paradigm

“The DIESEL+EDUN collaboration-

A global loudspeaker for the new African economic and creative paradigm”

Looking back to 2012, a common hash tag cited on twitter on several events such as Design Africa was #TradeNotAid, a fashionable slogan in its own right adopted decades ago by the United Nations Conference on Trade Development, but one that still sits true to this day, it’s about companies and designers working with Africa, not for it. Which is why I have been excited and inspired by the Diesel+EDUN collaboration.



Last night was the long awaited Diesel+EDUN collaboration launch party, which was part of a city wide celebration, from Paris to London and Amsterdam to Berlin. The Diesel+EDUN denim collection is born in Africa and inspired by African creativity. Most importantly the collection is sourced and manufactured in Africa with the finest cotton from the continent.

photo 5

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Fashion Scout presents Nova Chiu- Textured and beautiful design by

Last Friday, also included vibrant collection from Nova Chiu, graduate from London College of Fashion who I also saw last year as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch’ show for AW12.

Nova Chiu’s highly textured, beautiful AW13 collection was inspired by Nam June Paik’s ‘Electronic Superhighway’, which is permanently on display at the Lincoln Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington. Electronic Superhighway was a critical piece, conveying American culture, and its obsession with television, moving image and bright shiny things.


 I strongly believe the AW13 collection is a step in the right direction for Nova Chiu. Despite her SS13 Collection receiving some criticism for moving away from heavy ‘ethnic inspired’ embroidery, to more diluted silk prints. In contrast, I felt that her SS13 complimented the burst of colour and floral prints that were predicted to dominate Spring/ Summer look books for 2013.

Furthermore , her AW13 collection will be a colourful and bold alternative to the floral print that I can only assume we would have exhausted by the end of the season.


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Runway Collective presents NIAN, by Nihan Buruk

RunWay Collective (ST)

Throughout 2012, I was drawn to, and focused heavily on sharp and virile tailored style, therefore, I was keen to see whether androgyny will be making a come-back for Autumn/Winter 2013/14, and if so, what modifications we can expect.

Turkish born fashion designer Nihan Buruk typically represents an avant-garde smartness, and is known for her domineering collections, which are tailored to perfection with an exceptional eye for detail.

Despite one of the exhibition walls falling down in the middle the runway, she executed a great collection, which was both imaginative and wearable. Showcasing a powerful and militant flair, with the added dimensions of textures through adding wool and leather across pleats, lapels and pockets. The sharp collection was complimented by soft hues of charcoal grey, emerald green, cream and crimson.

(Below- Nihan Buruk, SS13 Collection)

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‘The Pearl of Africa’s Crown’- On the road

All photo’s were taken by myself between Kampala , Jinja, Entebbe and Mbarara, January/February 2013.

-@Entebbe zoo-

Monkeying around


 Kitenge/Chitenge fabric

An African garment similar to sarong, often worn by women wrapped around the chest or waist, over the head as a headscarf, or as a baby sling.


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Musings of an Afropean…Whilst I’ve been away…

I am finally back from my East African adventure, and with so much to talk about it will take a couple of days to organise my photos and thoughts from my time spent in Uganda.

louisa kiwana

I often talk a lot about the concept of ‘Afropeanism’, a term a used to describe myself as it refers to the trans-cultural influences of members of the black diaspora living in Europe. Having been born in Uganda, and brought up in the UK, in my mind I’m an African living in Britain; yet it’s only when I go to Africa do I feel like an British person in Africa. However, despite often feeling inconclusive about my cultural identity, I also feel fortunate that I can be open to understanding and engaging in the cultural symphony of these two places.

equator uganda

I couldn’t possibly contain all the activities that I have been up to into a single blog post, so I will be segmenting my stories into a range of posts over the next few weeks, I hope you enjoy!

 Whilst I’ve been away…

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Nigerian photographer, Obi – Barbie’s Naija Wedding

Happy New Year everyone! To make 2013 (or any other)your year, keep it simple: Count your blessings first; Whatever you did last year, Do it better; Be in the moment; Create/make your own opportunities; Believe in your abilities at all times; Finish what you start”

Moving on, Jepchumba, Founder and Creative Director of the African Digital Art Network posted this today, having come across it during TedxEuston last year. This project by Nigerian photographer, Obi who was inspired by French photographer Beatrices’ Barbie and Kens’ wedding shoot, and with some inspiration from the black Barbie shoot on Italian Vogue, decided to do shoot capturing Barbies traditional Nigerian wedding.

“So I got bored sometime last December, and then came across , I decided to create a Nigerian Traditional wedding shoot with black Barbie and Ken … it started up as a pretty simple shoot that would have taken about a week or so, and ended up taking up to 5 months. I had to enlist my wife to help out with the outfits, as well as with searching the internet for all the little accessories. Anyway, I’m glad its now done, and glad I can get rid of the dolls … I was beginning to get weird looks from my son whenever I came home with a barbie and he’s asking if was for me, or for his baby sister …

Anyway hope you like the shoot …” Obi


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It’s that time of year again! A stroll through Covent Garden food market

I can’t believe it, feels like only yesterday I was in Covent Garden market, sitting on the the lap of Covent Garden’s alcohol infused Santa,  but whether I can believe it or not, Christmas time is upon us!

Although not a particular fan of the consumer centered celebration, I do love the atmosphere Christmas brings, and even more importantly the food.; which is probably why I had a thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon stroll around Covent Garden’s cobbled street food market.



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Pictures from the Olympic Parade – “Proud to be British”


“The tone of our national conversation changed – from its default position of self-criticism and negativity, Britain found itself speaking with a cheerful and optimistic voice.” Mark Easton, BBC

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1 of my favourite #street #style #photographers @LeeOliveira “On the street…Jardin des Tuileries, Paris” Stunning Image as always!

“where is the background noise? – Countryside walk

I swear to God, if you saw me when I am by myself in the woods, I’m a lunatic. I sing, I dance.
Chris Evans (Comedian)

Growing up I often got a lot of stick for living out in ‘the sticks’, away from most friends, the city’s bars, restaurants and general hubub, but having been raised in a countryside village for almost all my life, I always had an appreciation for the suburban silence. It’s powerful peacefulness which I suppose could be described as silently noisy.

“where is the background noise? …The cars, people, buses, cats, trains, sirens, loitering youth?”

In January, I moved into a new place which edges slightly more closer to the city, but despite being closer to the metropolis which I spend most of my time in or commuting to and/or from, I mourn my mother’s home in the countryside, and so decided on Saturday to take a 5 mile walk from my flat to hers along the country lanes.

I documented my journey using a Nikon D80 SLR with a wide angel lens. The journey was both calm yet exciting. It was relaxing to take in the surroundings, breath in the fresh air and pass the horses and cows on my journey, however, it was quite exhilarating (borderline scary), to be the only person in sight within a 3 mile radius, walk along a, windy, narrow pavement-less road trying to not get run over by cars travelling it over 50mph.

The most exhilarating feeling came from singing Jessie J whole album at the top of my lungs knowing that there is completely no-one around to hear me, besides the cows in the fields, whose milk likely turned sour as a result of my singing…sorry cows!

I found a few random items on my journey, a ladies hand bag, a discarded 80′s pop CD and a white slipper. In the city of London, litter and rubbish is rife and often goes unnoticed, however, in such a deserted and sparsely littered place, I couldn’t help think about the stories regarding how those items came to be there. Especially the handbag.


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